New University funding schemes to support PhD researchers impacted by Covid-19 – apply today

A calculator and a pen sit atop a printed balance sheet.

The University Executive Group has agreed two new funding schemes in support of doctoral researchers impacted by Covid-19: the Sussex Scholarship Extension Scheme and the PGR Hardship Fund, both launching today.

The PGR Hardship Fund is open to PhD researchers without access to external funding extensions (e.g. UKRI scholarships). Any queries regarding the Hardship Fund should be sent to colleagues in the Student Life Centre –

The Sussex Scholarship Extension Scheme is open to PhD researchers funded by Sussex, to apply for scholarship extensions. Questions around extensions can be sent to

Please note that:

  • any PhD researcher experiencing financial difficulties – regardless of their funding source – can apply to the general Student Hardship Fund.
  • PhD researchers experiencing Covid-19 related financial difficulties – bar those with access to externally-funded scholarship extensions (e.g. UKRI) and the Sussex Scholarship Extension Scheme – can apply to the new PGR Hardship Fund. Priority will be given to students in the later stages of study.
  • PhD researchers who are applying to the Sussex Scholarship Extension Scheme can subsequently apply to the general Student Hardship Fund, once they’ve received an outcome from the Extension Scheme.

For full details, including how to apply, see the PGR Hardship Fund and Sussex Scholarship Extension Scheme webpages.