So, you’re finishing your PhD in a pandemic… what’s next? – lecture with the Thesis Whisperer (15th July)

Wednesday 15th July, 09.30 – 10.30 (Online)

Graduates in gowns throwing their caps into the air.

Sussex Research Hive are thrilled to announce that renowned Thesis Whisperer Dr Inger Mewburn is ‘coming’ to Sussex to give a virtual lecture, with a Q&A session, to doctoral and early career researchers about careers in light of Covid-19.

In this lecture, Inger will use her team’s research on the post-PhD job market to:

  • Enhance your understanding of the changed academic job market, analysing the effects of hiring freezes and travel restrictions.
  • Increase awareness of career opportunities in industry; which sectors are looking for research talent?
  • Help you approach the non-academic job market with more confidence.

You can read more about the event on the Hive Scholars’ blogpost, and book a place through Sussex Direct.

A poster for the event titled So, you're finishing your PhD in a Pandemic... What next?