TOMORROW – two careers workshops on postdoc fellowships and looking beyond academia

The Research Staff Office has opened two workshops to doctoral researchers tomorrow, Tuesday 23rd June, looking at post-PhD careers options and proactive steps you can take to reach your career goals inside or outside academia. Both sessions will be taught by Joanne Young from the Scientific Editing Company.

Careers beyond research – applying your skills outside academia
10.30 – 13.30, on Zoom
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Not everyone chooses to climb the academic ladder. During their career, researchers develop a number of skills that they can utilise in a variety of other positions, whether these are related to their research or not. A key component to finding a job outside academia is presenting yourself well at interviews, highlighting your skills and explaining your academic experience in a way that appeals to certain employers. This workshop aims to highlight a number of these careers and to explore what particular options might be compatible with individuals. 

Attracting your own research funding – writing & applying for fellowships
14.00 – 17.00, on Zoom
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A career in research is exciting, but it is a highly competitive environment and researchers from all over the world aspire to reach the top of the profession. If you are aiming for a career in research it is crucial to publish regularly, be independent and attract your own funding. You can start to do this early in your research career: if you are awarded a postdoctoral fellowship, not only will you stand out from the crowd, but you will demonstrate that you can propose innovative projects that attract research funding – this is a key requirement for a successful academic career.