Festival Daily Check-Ins: Creativity at home (Friday)

The Festival Daily Check-ins are signing off with a bang as we hear about the creative things the Crafternoon team (Katharina Hendrickx, Kate Meakin, and Manuela Salazar) have been up to during lockdown

three people sat on a pebbly beach smiling and wearing sunglasses.
socially distanced fun!
  1. What creative activities have you got (back) into throughout lockdown?

Some of the hobbies we’ve really got really into are collaging and drawing, baking (banana bread and apple cakes especially), reading fiction and joining/ starting a reading group, meditating, online yoga classes and weightlifting. We also found it so important to keep in touch with friends and fellow researchers online with fun activities such as quiz nights and online Pictionary. Once lockdown rules were relaxed a bit, we enjoyed planning small (socially distanced) get-togethers. 

2. How have these helped you throughout lockdown/Covid-19?

These activities allow us to break up the day, unwind and relax, and to feel like we have achieved something even when we are struggling to focus on work. They also help to create some sense of routine during the day and week.

3. What would you recommend for people interested in finding out more about creative activities, and where can they access resources?

We’d recommend integrating fun tasks into your day to alleviate stress. Here are some tips and resources that we’ve found really useful: 

  • Baking: super easy recipes for banana bread and apple cake 
  • Online Pictionary to play with friends
  • Crafting suggestions and ideas: Join us at 3pm today for the PhD Crafternoon! Here are some ideas to get you started
  • Weightlifting routines: YouTube has many free workouts at the moment – all you need is a mat and some dumbbells (if you can find them in store – otherwise you can use wine bottles or cans). If you want to be more serious about an exercise routine, you could follow personal trainers on Instagram such as Mari Fitness. She posts a lot of free workouts on her Instagram and has great, reduced PDF Home Workout Guides, which you don’t need much equipment for. 
  • Online Yoga Classes: There are many free yoga sessions online, but we found that Yoga by Adriene is a great place to start. 
  • Meditation apps: Headspace is currently free with the Spotify Student Membership and has many guided mediation classes for different goals such as anxiety relief and going to sleep more easily. 
  • Joining/ starting a reading group: Katharina set up a monthly crime fiction reading group together with Brighton and Hove Libraries that is now online – feel free to get in touch in you want to join. But you could also set up your own group online with friends/ colleagues or join other established online book groups. For ideas see the Scribendi Book-club website