Festival Daily Check-Ins: Media and Entertainment (Thursday)

In the fourth instalment of the Festival Daily Check-ins we caught up with Aanchal Vij from the Research Hive about how she has been keeping herself entertained throughout lockdown.

A woman smiling and holding a guitar and reading device.
  1. What media/entertainment have you got (back) into throughout lockdown?

I’ve started reading fiction before going to bed – this is a habit I have had to inculcate in order to sleep better! The thing that keeps me absorbed for most part of the day is podcasts — there’s really something for everyone. I’ve also gone back to learning to play my ukulele! Before lockdown, it was gathering dust in a corner of my room but getting back to it has been really calming.

2. How have these helped you throughout lockdown/Covid-19?

Keeping my kindle next to my pillow rather than my laptop has been shockingly transformational in resetting my sleep pattern. Both reading as well as absorbing myself in learning new songs on the ukulele have been my go-to activities in lockdown simply because they both enable full immersion and help me feel less anxious. Podcasts are a great companion for when you’re doing the dishes, tidying or cooking (and we all know these activities together miraculously take over 60% of our day). 

3. What would you recommend for people interested in finding out more about media/entertainment, and where can they access resources?

I’d highly recommend enforcing a healthy wind-down routine before bed. I know from the Hive Slack group (join us if you aren’t there already!) that a lot of PhD students are having trouble managing their sleep cycle, so reading or meditating (or even journalling about the infuriating time we live in right now) could be helpful in maintaining a routine. Apps like Headspace are great for this. For podcasts or audio books, I think Audible, Apple Podcasts and Spotify work best and are easily accessible.

Join Aanchal for some light-hearted factual entertainment today in the Hive Scholars Quiz Evening starting at 17.00.