Workshop: How can open practices help you to get published? (19th March)

A workshop with Wiley publishers in partnership with the UK Reproducibility Network

CEC Seminar Room, Library, Thursday 19th March 2020, 12.00-2.00pm

This interactive workshop with Wiley publishers and the UK Reproducibility Network is an exciting opportunity to explore three important topics for researchers: authorship, feedback, and your profile, showing how you can be successful when you adopt open research and publishing practices as part of what you do every day.

Attendees will be joined by Prof Pietro Ghezzi, RM Phillips Chair in Experimental Medicine, and Prof Rachel Thomson, Professor of Childhood & Youth Studies.

This workshop is perfect if you are an early career researcher or junior member of faculty who wants to learn more about open practices and publishing. Senior researchers and established mentors are also welcome.

A sandwich lunch will be provided. Numbers are limited so please book to reserve your place.

Click here to sign up and visit the Library event page for more information.